Intermodal Tank Container Association
Symposium 2020

About Us

Intermodal Tank Container Association (ITCA) was established in 2002 as a networking event for the intermodal bulk liquid industry. Held in Houston, Texas, ITCA's highly anticipated annual conference highlights news and trends within the intermodal industry. Business leaders from all corners of the world can collaborate with key executives representing shippers, ports, rails, truckers, depots, cleaning facilities, leasing companies, tank operators, surveying companies, ocean carriers and freight forwarders from various industry facets. This educational experience for over 250 attendees creates an inspiring environment focusing on new developments and opportunities in the intermodal industry. ITCA's internationally-based forum facilitates captivating round-table discussions for all of the market challenges brought by economic changes and regulations in the industries international infrastructure.

Thanks to the esteemed speakers kind enough to volunteer their time and knowledge to help support and develop their peers in the intermodal industry. With the gracious support of our sponsors, ITCA will continue to be a viable resource for attendees from all walks of our industry well into the future.

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